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Carpet repair Sydney

Before fixing a carpet hole.
After fixing a carpet hole.

Home carpet repairs Sydney wide

My name is Patrick J Deck, and I have been providing carpet repairs in Sydney for over 20 years. I travel all over Sydney doing carpet repairs for home owners and renters.

I am the sole owner and operator of Invisible Mending. When we talk on the phone, you'll know it's me who will actually fix your carpet. My reputation depends on providing great carpet repairs and customer service.

I repair carpet burns, rips and stains throughout Sydney. I specialise in household carpet repairs. Even if your floor seems beyond help, call 0417 684 391 or email me. Fixing carpet costs a fraction of replacement. The results can leave your home looking fantastic!

Fast, No-Fuss carpet repair Sydney

Nobody wants a tradesman who arrives late or wastes time. I am reliable and prompt. I have all the tools and experience needed to fix your carpets fast and with great results.

Your safety is top priority

Your peace of mind is very important. My friendly and professional manner reassures my customers. I also hold National Police Certificate number NCHRC-2016-44709. You can feel safe allowing me to enter your home to repair your carpets.

100% guarantee and warranty

I personally guarantee your carpet repairs for the life of the carpet, subject to fair wear and tear. My warranty is simple: If your carpet repair fails, I'll come and fix it for free.

Get a quote on Sydney carpet repairs

Call 0417 684 391 or email me for a fast, friendly quote on carpet repairs throughout Sydney..
Repair carpet burns in Sydney.

Carpet burns are impossible to clean off, but they can be fixed with Invisible Mending.

I repair carpet burns by removing the damaged area and replacing it with fresh carpet - and sometimes you can't even tell there was ever a problem.

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Carpet stain fixing, Sydney wide.

Some carpet stains are impossible to clean off, like coffee, wine and pet stains. Water marks are also often permanent.

I fix carpet stains throughout Sydney by removing and replacing the affected areas, so your floors can look their best.

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Fixing carpet mould in Sydney.

Fix carpet mould caused by damp.

Carpet mould is caused by water or damp affecting carpet over time, and can be bad enough to need repairs. Carpet mould is unhealthy, smelly and unsightly.

I can remove mouldy carpet areas caused by ensuite bathrooms, flower pots or general dampness, often leaving results that are undetectable.

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Fix carpet joins.

Loose carpet joins are a health and safety risk.

Loose carpet joins can cause trips and falls. I can repair carpet seams in all areas of Sydney by trimming and rejoining the carpet.

Your carpet seam repairs can look like new and leave your floors safe to walk on.

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Get a quote on Sydney carpet repairs

Call 0417 684 391 or email me for a fast, friendly quote on carpet repairs throughout Sydney.

Note: Depending on the contrasting factors of your spare and installed carpet, some carpet repairs may not be entirely invisible. Fortunately, with time, traffic and fading they can disappear too.

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Call Invisible Mending on 0417 684 391 or use this form.

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Meet Patrick

Patrick J Deck, owner of Invisible Mending.

Hello, I am Patrick J Deck, the owner and operator of Invisible Mending.

I fix carpets quickly and with a minimum of fuss, and make sure my customers feel comfortable having me in their homes.

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