Fix carpet joins and splits in Sydney’s west and north

Loose carpet joins are a health and safety risk. They can cause trips and falls. I can repair carpet seams from Mosman to Western Sydney by trimming and rejoining the carpet.

Your carpet seam repairs can look like new and leave your floors safe to walk on.

My name is Patrick J Deck, and I have over 20 years experience repairing carpet splits and joins in Sydney. In that time I have learned what causes carpet seams to separate and get damaged, and how to fix them with the best results possible.

Fix loose carpet joins to prevent bigger problems

When carpet is first laid, smaller sections are joined together at the edges to seamlessly cover the floor in one large piece. Over time these carpet joins can split and separate, leaving loose edges that can cause real problems.

  • Loose carpet edges are a prime trip hazard, because they stick up from the floor surface and easily catch on shoes.
  • Separated carpet edges are very prone to further damage from foot traffic and being ripped by items moving across the floor.
  • And of course, a split carpet join can ruin a room’s appearance!

The expert in fixing carpet joins and seams

Invisible Mending has the know-how to fix carpet joins so that you can hardly tell there was ever any damage. It takes experience and the right tools to get the most invisible carpet repairs possible. I can repair your loose carpet seams by trimming and joining the edges back together. I have a variety of specialist tools and techniques available for fixing carpet joins.

I personally guarantee every carpet join that I repair. Your carpet joins will be left safe for everyone to walk on, and looking fantastic. If your carpets need repairing, please call me for an obligation free consultation.

Get a quote on Sydney carpet repairs

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