Fix carpet holes and rips in Sydney

Holes in carpet can be torn by pets, doors or simple wear and tear. Carpet rips should be fixed fast, or they can quickly get worse.

I fix carpet holes and tears in the northern and western suburbs of Sydney, quickly and with great results.

Fixing carpet tears in Sydney

Tears and holes in carpet are quite common. I regularly visit suburbs from Palm Beach to Penright to repair carpet holes in my work with Invisible Mending. I fix carpet rips in rental homes and penthouse suites. Even the most careful of homeowners sometimes find their carpet has developed a nasty tear.

But as common as carpet rips are, they shouldn’t be ignored.

Why you should repair carpet holes sooner rather than later

If your carpet is developing holes due to an overactive pet, heavy furniture or ill fitting door, here are a few things to think about.

  • Carpet rips are a trip hazard, particularly for older people
  • Carpet tears only get bigger, more difficult and more costly to fix over time
  • If you nip the problem in the bud your carpet will continue to serve you for years to come

A well repaired carpet rip can be practically invisible. I have over 20 years experience fixing carpet holes with Invisible Mending, and I personally guarantee my repairs for life, subject to fair wear and tear.

What causes carpet holes and rips?

In my years fixing holes in carpet in Sydney I’ve learned what the commonest causes are.

  • Cats sharpening their claws and puppies chewing holes in carpet
  • Simple wear and tear, particularly in doorways and halls
  • Moving heavy furniture or opening doors which catch on carpet
  • Buckled carpet areas receiving more wear and eventually giving way
  • Leaking batteries or oil heaters that eat away at the carpet

Get a quote on Sydney carpet repairs

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