Fix carpet mould in Sydney

Carpet mould is caused by water or damp affecting carpet over time, and can be bad enough to need repairs. Carpet mould is unhealthy, smelly and unsightly.

I can remove mouldy carpet areas caused by ensuite bathrooms, flower pots or general dampness, often leaving results that are undetectable.

Common causes of carpet mould in Sydney’s west and north

I am Patrick Deck of Invisible Mending. I have over 20 years experience fixing carpet mould in Sydney. Carpet mould is a common problem in my service areas of the north and west of the city, partly due to our humid and rainy climate. It’s not unusual for a wet Sydney summer to result in damp, mouldy carpets in your home.

Hot, moist air and floor condensation from bathrooms and laundries also cause carpet mould. Dampness can lead to deep penetration of carpet mould, resulting in stains, odours and rotting carpet – especially under furniture.

Carpet mould and mildew is also very commonly caused by leaking flower pots and Christmas tree stands.

How to fix carpet mould

Once carpet mould gets established, it can spread and cause permanent stains, bad odours and rotten carpet. These cannot just be cleaned off. Some people suffer from mould allergies or asthma, so carpet mildew can be a health concern.

Surface mould can be steam cleaned, but often leaves permanent stains. Deeper carpet mould is impossible to clean and requires completely replacing the affect area

Invisible Mending repairs mouldy carpet in northern and western Sydney. I can remove mould damaged carpet areas and replace them with your spare carpet. My repair jobs are carried out with precision and care, often leaving the fix invisible – and your carpets looking almost good as new.

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