Repair carpet burns in Sydney

Carpet burns are impossible to clean off, but they can be fixed with Invisible Mending.

I repair carpet burns by removing the damaged area and replacing it with fresh carpet – and sometimes you can’t even tell there was ever a problem.

Fix carpet burns in Sydney’s north and west

It only takes a moment of inattention, and suddenly your floor is ruined with a major carpet burn. But believe it or not, even the deepest burns can be repaired.

At Invisible Mending I regularly fix carpet burns caused by cigarettes, irons, hairdryers and more. I work from Palm Beach to Penrith and can usually give prices over the phone.

  • With over 20 years experience, my repairs can be almost invisible.
  • Fixing burns is much cheaper than replacing the carpet.
  • All of my repairs are personally guaranteed.

Invisible Mending has hundreds of happy carpet repair customers in Sydney, so you know I make customer satisfaction a top priority.

Common causes of carpet burns

Burnt carpet can happen surprisingly fast. Just a second or two of contact with a heat source is enough to melt or singe the carpet fibres. The causes of carpet burns I often see include:

  • Irons left accidentally on carpet
  • Dropped hair dryers
  • Cigarrette burns
  • Heaters that have tipped over
  • Hot embers from fireplaces

If your carpet is burnt, don’t put up with it or hide it under a mat. I fix carpet burns in all suburbs of western and northern Sydney. You can reach me, Patrick J Deck, on 0417 684 391 or

Get a quote on Sydney carpet repairs

Call 0417 684 391 or email me for a fast, friendly quote on carpet repairs in Sydney.