Fixing a permanent coffee stain in North Sydney

American humourist Will Rogers is said to have stated that “Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.”

This might well be true if you’re the fellow who spilled coffee on the carpet and stained it…

I recently received a call from a lady called Lynne, who needed some help fixing a coffee stain in her North Sydney rented home. Lynne’s husband Cameron had accidentally spilled coffee in a very conspicuous location on the landing at the top of the stairs.

Try as they might, Lynne and Cameron simply could not get rid of this carpet stain. Coffee has plenty of oils and tannin in it, and the stain can soak right into porous carpet fibers, making it impossible to clean.

And as they live in a rental home, Lynne and Cameron stood to lose some of their bond if they couldn’t get it repaired.

Thankfully, I was able to help. I cut out the coffee-stained carpet section, which was about half a square metre in area. Then I repaired it with a fresh piece of spare carpet.

When fixing carpet it’s important to spend time making the joins as invisible as possible. But even then, sometimes one can’t get a perfectly invisible result – often because the replacement carpet has not faded like the rest of the floor, so the colours won’t match exactly.

However, Lynne was very pleased with the results, because I was able to tell her the carpet repair would disappear in a few weeks due to being in such a high traffic area. I knew I had done the best repair anyone could do, and Lynne was very happy. In fact, the couple was kind enough to give me some very positive feedback:

I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for a wonderful job fixing the carpet. Excellent workmanship, polite and professional. Thanks again.

Cameron and Lynne
North Sydney

If you have any kind of permanent carpet stain that you can’t remove – coffee, blood, pet stains or worse – please call me at Invisible Mending on 0417 684 391. My name is Patrick J Deck, and I have a lot of experience fixing carpet stains in Sydney. And repairing carpet is usually much cheaper than getting it replaced!

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