Carpet stretching in Newington, NSW

NOTE: Invisible Mending no longer provides carpet stretching services.

Carpet stretching is quick, cost effective and easy!

In my work with Invisible Mending I often need to fix carpet bumps and ripples. These can be caused by poor carpet laying practices, or simply due to lots of foot traffic bunching the carpet up into a ripple over time.

So what was I able to do for Sandra in Newington, Sydney?

Sandra’s carpet was in beautiful condition, with the exception of some unsightly carpet ripples. They had developed in the high traffic areas leading to her study and main bedroom. Sandra was embarrassed by these carpet bumps, and wanted to fix them so she could feel free to have friends over.

But not only do carpet bumps look bad, they are also a serious trip hazard, as they occur just at foot height and can be hard to notice. Carpet ripples are also very prone to ripping and damage from simple wear and tear. It really is best to repair them as soon as possible.

With my power carpet stretching tools I quickly made Sandra’s carpet as flat as a pancake. It looked great and was completely safe to walk on again.

“Patrick, your prompt response and reliable service was appreciated. Thank you for making our carpet look like new again.”

Sandra, Newington

Sandra and her husband were no longer embarrassed to have friends over, and I was pleased to be able to help. Thank you Sandra!

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