Fixing a cigarette burn in a luxury home about to go on the market

Recently I was approached to fix a cigarette carpet burn in Camden, Sydney.

The cigarette burn was very noticeable, right in the middle of the lounge room carpet in a $1.2 million luxury home.

What’s worse, the home was about to go on the market. Such a noticeable carpet burn had to be fixed, or it could have cost the seller some potential buyers!

This Camden luxury home was previously rented out, and the tenant had caused the cigarette burn. The color of the carpet was beige, making the burn very obvious.

How did the carpet burn get fixed?

No amount of cleaning or scrubbing can fix burnt carpet fibers. The only feasible option was to remove the carpet burn manually, by cutting a hole in the carpet and taking out the damaged part.

But then the carpet hole that was left behind obviously had to be repaired. I was able to achieve a 100% invisible repair by retufting the carpet with needle and thread.

Best of all, I was able to fix the carpet burn in time for open house, leaving behind no evidence of any repairs – except for the grin on one happy customer’s face.

Call Invisible Mending to fix Sydney carpet burns

If you have a cigarette burn or other burn on your carpet, you’ll know it can ruin the appearance of a room. I’m always glad to leave customers with a smile on their face, knowing I was able to repair their carpet and leave the property better than when I arrived.

Instead of replacing the entire carpet (a costly job!), call me first – Patrick J Deck at Invisible Mending. I am experienced in fixing carpet burns and other types of carpet damage, often without leaving a trace behind.

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