Fixing ripped carpet in Redfern, NSW

They say that “Dogs are Man’s best friend”, but not when it comes to fixing ripped carpet in Sydney!

I received a torn carpet repair request from a man named Guy in Redfern, NSW. Guy’s lively Spaniel puppy had torn carpet holes in two different places in his Sydney rental apartment.

We all know how active and playful puppies can be. They like to test their growing, razor sharp teeth, and can chew and scratch holes in carpet. Unfortunately, renters can lose their rental bond if a carpet, furnishing, or other items are damaged.

After evaluating the Guy’s ripped carpet, I was able to fix it by removing the damaged areas and replacing them with matching spare carpet. At Invisible Mending I can repair torn carpets at a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Here is some friendly feedback from Guy.

“Thanks for the excellent job you did today mending my carpet. My puppy had shredded the carpet against the wall and also scratched a hole in another section nearby. The mending looks good as new, even the pattern on the carpet is perfectly matched. Thanks, great job!”

Thank you Guy, it’s always nice to be able to help a customer and save them money too.

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