Carpet tea stain repair in Bronte, Sydney

Michael from Bronte, NSW got in touch with me at Invisible Mending for help repairing carpet tea stains in his home. There were two big, brown tea stains to fix on some very expensive goat’s hair carpet in the main bedroom. Each carpet stain was about 1 x 1 metre in size – and they were very noticeable on the off-white carpet.

Major carpet stains like these can really ruin the appearance of a room. Unfortunately there is only so much that carpet cleaning can do, as some stains are absolutely impossible to clean off. The only solutions are to replace the carpet entirely, or to call in a Sydney carpet stain repairer.

Thankfully this beautiful carpet didn’t need to be replaced. To repair the tea stains I cut the affected areas out and replaced them with unstained carpet. The carpet edges were carefully joined, and when the furniture was put back the repairs were completely unnoticeable. Goats hair carpet is very expensive, and Michael was relieved to see his wife so happy with the result. The carpet was saved from getting replaced, and now their bedroom looks great again.

Before you consider replacing your badly stained Sydney carpet, try calling me at Invisible Mending. You could save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

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