Why carpet repairs cost less

Everyone wants to cut costs where possible, and my carpet repair customers in Sydney are no different. Did you know that having carpets fixed costs much less than replacing them with new carpet? This is especially important for Sydney renters, who face losing their bond if the carpet is not left in good condition.

Invisible Mending provides economical carpet repairs to help save money. But why exactly is fixing carpet cheaper than replacing it?

Carpet repairs mean no new carpet or underlay

Buying and installing new carpet is very expensive. Not only must you pay for new carpet and new underlay, but delivery and installation are factored in too. The costs often run into the thousands.

Repairing carpet means no furniture moving

If you are installing new carpet, the entire room must first be cleared of furniture. This can be a real headache, especially in a modern open-plan living area with lounges, tables, bookcases and TV units all in the one room. You may need to pay extra for moving your furniture out and back into the room.

The costs add up quickly with all the materials and labour needed to install new carpet in one room. Carpet repairs cost only a fraction of this, and can be carried out in less than an hour.

Better yet, a successful carpet repair can leave results that are almost undetectable. Many people comment that they can’t even see where the carpet stain, burn or other damage was.

Before you install new carpet to replace some area of damage, contact me – Patrick J Deck at Invisible Mending. I have over 20 years experience fixing carpet in Sydney, and I strive to provide great value repairs that are sure to save you money.

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