Repairing carpet iron burns in Collaroy

I was contacted by Helen to repair carpet burns in her rental unit in Collaroy. Helen had two very dark iron burns in the middle of her lounge room floor that needed fixing. She was very concerned that she would have to pay for new carpet! The iron burns were very conspicuous, and I was quite unsure about how successfully I could repair them at first.

Fortunately I was able to repair these iron burns using some spare carpet from the back of a built-in wardrobe. I removed the burnt carpet areas, then patched in the spare carpet to make a seamless repair. Helen was so relieved to be able to get her bond back. The repairs were so successful that one could only just see where the carpet was replaced. I knew that within a week or two the repairs would be truly invisible.

It’s always satisfying to be able to help someone who is worried about their carpet. See more information about fixing carpet burns.

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