Repairing a blackened iron burn near Camden

Wouldn’t you hate to leave a big black iron burn in the middle of the lounge room carpet?

That’s what happened to Pauline and Ray in their home near Camden in Sydney’s south west. They gave me a call to see if I could repair their carpet burn.

A big black iron burn on the living room carpet

It was one of those things that happen in an instant. Pauline was doing some ironing in the living room, then left for a moment while she went out to the kitchen. When she returned after only a few seconds, Pauline found the iron burning a perfect black imprint in the carpet. Oh dear!

The scorch mark was right in the middle of the lounge room floor for all to see, very noticeable and dark. Pauline and Ray weren’t able to cover the mark with furniture, because it would have left the room awkward to walk through. They couldn’t even cover it with a mat, because they couldn’t risk the trip hazard.

After 6 months of living with the carpet burn, Pauline and Ray had had enough. It had to be fixed. They did an internet search and found out that carpet burns can actually be repaired. They found the Invisible Mending website, and decided to get in touch.

Fixing a carpet iron burn near Camden, Sydney

When I arrived at Pauline and Ray’s home in Menangle I had a look at the damage. As expected, the only solution was to replace the burnt section.

I took some spare carpet from the built-in wardrobe in a spare room. After cutting away the burnt piece of carpet, I patched and joined in the spare section.

Pauline and Ray were very happy with the results. The spare piece was new and unfaded, and didn’t perfectly match the worn and faded lounge room carpet, but they could tell that with time and traffic it would blend in very well.

Pauline and Ray were kind enough to leave me some feedback.

Patrick you did a amazing job. What a surprise when I returned from shopping no more concerned about the burn in the carpet. Thanks so much.

Pauline and Ray

Thank you to Pauline and Ray! It’s satisfying to leave a job knowing you have given the best results possible.

In my work with Invisible Mending I repair all types of carpet damage, like stains, rips, water damage and indeed burns. I travel to all areas of Sydney, not just in the Macarthur-Liverpool area.

If your carpet needs any kind of repair job anywhere in Sydney, get in touch with me. My name is Patrick J Deck.

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