Fixing carpet ripped by the dog in Alexandria

Renting an apartment has its own challenges, including keeping it in good repair to avoid losing your bond.

Garry got in touch with me at Invisible Mending to see if I could fix some ripped carpet in their rental, courtesy of their Chihuahua.

Bad dog ripped the carpet!

Actually, it was sweet in a way. The family’s little Chihuahua thought that Garry’s daughter was behind a bedroom door which was shut. The dog must have been pretty determined or desperate to find the daughter, because it scratched at the carpet until it tore.

Any damage like this will very quickly spread in carpet, as people keep walking over it and inadvertently pulling on the material. Sure enough, Garry’s frayed carpet turned into pulled carpet threads, which ran through the carpet.

Garry was renting temporarily in Alexandria, part of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, while his own home was being built. This carpet damage meant he was looking at having to pay for new carpet in the upstairs bedrooms, hallway and the stairs.

Thankfully I was able to help. After 20 years of fixing carpet in Sydney I’ve pretty well seen it all. Garry’s carpet was definitely repairable.

How I fixed Garry’s ripped carpet

After examining the damage, I knew there would be three steps in this carpet repair job.

  1. Cut out and remove the damaged carpet section.
  2. Restretch the undamaged carpet to cover the removed section.
  3. Repair and rejoin the carpet.

I was able to complete the job economically and to a high standard – which always makes me happy. Garry even sent me some very kind feedback.

Patrick arrived right on time after making a pre-arrival phone call. He went straight to the damaged area and explained to me what he was going to do and how he was going to do it – which gave me a huge amount of confidence in his knowledge and ability. When the job was done I was surprised, he actually completely resolved the pulled carpet thread. I will definitely use Patrick again and highly recommend him.


If you have carpet damage anywhere in Sydney (not just the Eastern Suburbs) give me a call. My name is Patrick J Deck, and I am the owner-operator of Invisible Mending.

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