How tradesmen can make customers happy

I’ve learnt a lot about what customers want from their tradesmen in my years fixing carpets in Sydney. Really, it boils down to peace of mind. People want to be reassured by the person who comes to do work in their home.

I must be doing something right, because much of my work comes through referrals from happy customers!

Here are some of the things I try to keep in mind for my carpet repair customers in Sydney.

I reassure customers when I enter their home

Everyone has had a negative experience with an unprofessional tradesman. Maybe they came in with a surly attitude, or showed up grubby and smelling like cigarette smoke. Frankly, it can be intimidating to invite a stranger into your home!

When I visit a customer to fix their carpet, their peace of mind is top of my mind.

As simple as it may sound, I bring a friendly and courteous demeanor to the job and make sure I look neat and tidy. This goes a long way to making a customer feel reassured and happy to invite me in. A tradesman who presents himself well shows respect to the customer and sends a message about his professionalism.

I also hold National Police Certificate number NCHRC-2013-43000, showing I am not a dangerous prospect.

The personal touch

I am the sole owner and operator of Invisible Mending. When a customer talks to me on the phone, I’m the same person who will come to repair their carpet. This personal touch is very important.

It means my reputation depends solely on me. I know how important it is to provide great service and high quality carpet repairs. There’s nobody else who holds responsibility, so it’s up to me to make my customers happy!

Here are three ways this personal touch benefits my customers.

  1. I am reliable and don’t renege at the last minute.
  2. I can give prices up front before the job is even booked, so the customer knows how much they will be up for.
  3. I am always happy to come back again if there are any problems with their carpet repair.

Do you think I’m on the right track with my approach to customer service? If you need carpet repairs anywhere in Sydney, call me, Patrick, on 0417 684 391. I invite you to put me to the test!

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