Fixing a carpet seam in Petersham, Sydney

When selling your home it’s a good idea to tidy up any outstanding repairs. It’s a quick and cost effective way to make a good impression on your buyers. One area that can often benefit from a few simple repairs is the carpet.

Ray got in touch and asked me to come to Petersham in Sydney’s Inner West. He needed me to fix a carpet seam in his unit that was going on the market.

Petersham is known for its Portuguese and Italian influences, and classic old terrace houses like the one above. Ray’s apartment was on the top floor of a block of units in Petersham.

Ray’s carpet was generally in pretty good condition, considering it was 10 years old. The only problem was in the high traffic area outside the kitchen entrance.

In this area the carpet had delaminated – that is, the face of the carpet had lifted from the backing of the carpet. The carpet was lifting up at the seam, causing a one metre long trip hazard. The edges were also frayed and looking quite untidy.

The extensive damage could make one think the carpet throughout the entire apartment would need to be replaced.

This carpet seam damage was due to the greater amount of wear in this area of high foot traffic. It obviously had to be fixed before opening the unit to potential buyers!

How I fixed Ray’s delaminating carpet seam

My procedure for fixing Ray’s carpet was as follows.

  1. Remove the old head bond tape and the carpet backing.
  2. Trim the fraying carpet edges.
  3. Stretch the carpet using a specialised carpet power stretching tool.
  4. Repair and rejoin the seam with new heat bond tape on the underside of the carpet face.

After carrying out these repairs, the carpet join looked as good as all the other seams throughout the unit. Ray was happy, and I was happy! Ray was kind enough to write me a customer testimonial:

Very quick and effective repair to a separating seam. Now as inconspicuous a seam as any other in a 10 year old carpet. And at a very reasonable cost. As the NRMA ad says, experience (makes) the difference. Thanks, Patrick.


My name is Patrick J Deck, and I travel throughout all of Sydney fixing carpets. I repair a wide variety of carpet problems, including fixing joins and seams like I did for Ray. If you need any kind of carpet repair, call me on 0417 684 391 or email .

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