Repairing fireplace coal burns on carpet

Fancy dropping some of these hot coals on your carpet? One elderly customer of mine did, and just about had a fit when he saw what he had done.

The gentleman got in touch with me at Invisible Mending, quite stressed about the situation. He had cleaned out their combustion fireplace, and dumped the ash into a plastic bucket. He then carried the bucket to the back door to dispose of the ash. What he didn’t realise was that some coals were still hot, and had been steadily melting through the bucket!

Hot coals don’t mix with carpet!

The poor fellow left a trail of carpet burns through his home, made by little blobs of melted plastic and hot coals. There were eight very conspicuous carpet burns the size of 50 cent pieces, in a trail to the back door. Needless to say the carpet was drastically affected, and needed immediate attention.

I’m glad to say I was able to fix these burns invisibly, much to the couple’s relief.

Carpet burns are a fairly common problem around Sydney. The most frequent causes are cigarettes, irons or indeed fireplaces. Anyone who owns a combustion fireplace knows how the coals can bounce out when you open the door, and how quickly they scorch the carpet. However, this situation with the elderly couple was unusually severe.

My name is Patrick J Deck. If you need to repair carpet burns caused by fireplace coals, cigarettes or irons, please contact me on 0417 684 391 or . I am able to repair most carpet burns quickly, effectively and very economically.

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