Lifetime guarantee on carpet repairs

One thing that sets Invisible Mending apart from other carpet repairers is my lifetime guarantee:

I guarantee your carpet repair for the life of the carpet, subject to fair wear and tear.

If your carpet repair fails, I will come and fix it at no charge. Here’s a real life example.

Recently someone asked me to go back and look at a carpet repair I did for them 6 months before. This was in a Rose Bay rental property. I had originally done a small 10 x 10cm patch repair in the lounge room.

Unfortunately the carpet patch had started to fray and lift. There were two causes:

  1. The tenant’s feet and heels were scuffing the carpet repair when sitting at their lounge;
  2. The carpet was of poor quality, and the repair could note cope.

So it wasn’t the carpet repair itself that was the problem. It was the fact that the repair was in a high traffic area, on low quality carpet. I was well within my rights to charge another full repair fee or even just a call-out fee.

But let’s not forget that lifetime guarantee! I attended the job and fixed the carpet for free. I also cut a piece of carpet off-cut to size, to fit under the coffee table and lounge to protect this high traffic area.

Quite simply, there was no charge because my work is guaranteed for the life of the carpet, subject to fair wear and tear.

I have done several return jobs like this over the years, and they have always been at no charge to the customer.

Another story involved a dog tugging on a customer’s upstairs landing carpet. I successfully fixed the carpet, was paid and everyone was happy. Then a week later the dog did it again!

I went back and re-repaired the carpet at no charge to the client. That was an exceptional case, but customer service comes first.

You can have peace of mind too, with your Sydney carpet repairs being covered by my personal guarantee. If you need any carpet repairs, please call me – Patrick J Deck at Invisible Mending, on 0417 684 391.

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