Repair a carpet burn, save $2400 in bond

Dropping an iron on your carpet can cause burns quickly. What happens when your flat mate does the damage, and you have a $2400 bond on the apartment?

I was contacted by Wayne from Chatswood, who was in this exact situation. He was panicked that he would lose his huge bond through no fault of his own. He really needed his carpet burn fixed.

What happens when a hot iron burns carpet?

Carpet fibers can burn or melt quickly, depending on the type of carpet involved. Dropping a hot iron on carpet can easily cause a perfect outline of the iron’s hot plate, steam holes and all. Unfortunately, then you are left with a permanent burn mark that no amount of cleaning can remove. The only remedy is to replace the carpet, or have it repaired.

But repairing carpet burns is both quicker and cheaper than replacement!

How I saved Wayne $2400 in bond

After assessing the damage to Wayne’s carpet, I cut out the burnt area. I then replaced it with a piece of carpet from the floor at the back of the linen cupboard. I was careful to make sure the joins between the floor and spare piece were as invisible as possible. It was a good, invisible repair job. Wayne was very relieved and impressed with the results!

Patrick did an amazing job with the iron burn mark on the carpet in my rental apartment. I can finally let go off my worries now. Thank you for your professional & excellent service!


Burnt carpet can be dramatic, especially if you are responsible for the rental bond. The damage is immediate and highly noticeable. The good news is that carpet burns can be successfully fixed, economically and quickly.

If your floors have sustained some carpet burns, call me at Invisible Mending. My name is Patrick J Deck, and you can reach me direct on 0417 684 391 or I have successfully saved many Sydney renters from losing thousands of dollars in bond, and I can help you too.

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