Carpet stretching in an apartment with Sydney harbour views

NOTE: Invisible Mending no longer provides carpet stretching services.

I’m Patrick J Deck, and I fix carpets all over Sydney. I am the sole owner and operator of Invisible Mending. One of the good things about my job is getting to see parts of the city that others don’t have time to visit. Here’s an example.

Jack and Lyn own a beautiful Sydney CBD apartment with harbour views. They had just bought the property in this beautiful location, but there was a problem: the entrance hallway carpet was so rippled with trip hazards, they thought they would have to replace it.

One of my tools of the trade is a carpet power stretcher. Using this equipment I can gain a lot of mechanical advantage, to stretch carpet ripples and bumps out flat. In Jack and Lyn’s case, I felt that their carpet had become rippled due to a prior water leak, because the rest of the floor was ok.

No matter. With my tools I power stretched their carpet to even out all irregularities. The carpet was once again smooth and pleasant to walk on, easy on the eye and no longer a trip hazard.

Jack and Lyn were very happy to see their new apartment looking much better. I was able to save them money compared to replacing the carpet, plus I got to see another beautiful area of Sydney. Job done!

If you need carpets stretched, or any other kinds of repairs – burns, stains or rips – call me on 0417 684 391. I can give you a quick estimate over the phone, and you’ll find the results of your carpet repair will bring out the best in your home.

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